5 More Education + Technology Links

  1. “Personalized learning is here,” touts this Forbes list of 5 School Technologies to Watch. Cloud-based collaborative environments, game-based learning, and mobile technology are just a few things market innovators see becoming part of mainstream education. 
  2. Should your toddler start learning cybersecurity now? Sounds crazy, but the Department of Homeland Security wants to implement cybersecurity education from as early as kindergarten through graduate school in order to foster a “digitally literate workforce.”
  3. Need online storage space for pictures, papers, and more? From now through December 10th, Dropbox is giving 3GB of free space to anyone with a .edu email address. Consider it a reward for far too many all-nighters!
  4. Do your professors allow laptops in class? For many, bans on laptops in the classroom mean inefficient or incomplete notes, hundreds of dollars in textbook fees, and less comprehension. Across the world, teachers and students are struggling to find a compromise.
  5. If you’re an IU student, you have one of the best college perks ever: IUware. Indiana University has promotional deals with a multitude of companies that enable them to offer their students loads of free software. EndNote and Microsoft Office are nice resources, but the real deal comes in the form of Adobe Creative Suite 6, which includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Bridge, and Dreamweaver among other programs, and Adobe Lightroom 4. These would otherwise cost $2599 and $159, respectively. You get them for free.