The Feminist Five: Take III

  1. Who Needs Feminism? Started by 16 female students at Duke University, this Tumblr features images submitted by readers explaining why they need feminism:

  2. Tattoos aren’t just for sluts. Daily Mail writer Liz Jones recently spilled about her new tattoo and explained that, to her, “self-indulgent decoration always seemed a bit dirty, a bit slut-like. And, as we all know, I am the very opposite of a slut. I could never take part in one of their protest marches (against justifying rape on the grounds of a woman’s appearance): all fishnet tights and exposed bras, messy make-up and loud opinions.” FemInspire writer Becci Yare calls her out on her misogyny.
  3. “Blow minds, not guys” is really bad advice.

    This image has been circulating like wildfire on Facebook and Tumblr, implying not only that being well-read/intelligent and promiscuous are mutually exclusive, but also that “opening legs” and “blowing guys” are inherently wrong and shameful.
  4. Why Women Need to Stop Apologizing for Everything. Ever noticed a tendency to apologize for everything, even if you’ve done nothing wrong? Personally, I am Queen Gratuitous Apologizer Extraordinaire. But this habit is prevalent among women, and suggests a deeply reinforced feeling of uncertainty, submissiveness, and inferiority.
  5. And finally, an XKCD comic touching on the misogynistic nature of pickup artists and and related bar scene pickup lines. Oh, snap.

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