5 More Fascinating Feminism Finds

Here are a few more stories and articles to help you get acquainted with the very real, very relevant feminist issues of today.

  1. I’m a Feminist. I don’t shave my armpits. Or my legs. I don’t have sex with men and I don’t wear a bra. I’m an atheist, am not planning on being a mother, and I never really liked Barbies. And yes, I am a man.” Jeremy Carter-Gordon is not an outspoken political writer or a feminist blogger; he is simply a guy who recognizes the inequality of the genders, and the absolute necessity of bringing about change.
  2. Sex ed materials used in NY schools found to be not only outdated, but often downright shocking.
  3. Empowered women in Hollywood are beginning to get fed up with interview questions that incessantly revolve around body image, diet, and the women-can’t-be-funny trope. See how Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway, and Amy Poehler react.
  4. The Huffington Post examines the infamous split of twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison as a result of Stewart’s affair, and why the slut-shaming that ensued is dangerous to young women everywhere.
  5. Michelle Obama’s moving DNC speech glossed over her professional strengths and focused almost exclusively on her role as mother, sparking debate amongst those who found her to be “valorizing mid-20th-century gender roles.” What do you think?

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