The First Five: 5 Feminism Links to Get You Started

This semester, I’ll be blogging about… *dramatic pause*… feminism. Yes, feminism. I can practically hear the groans of protest and confusion already, which is exactly why this topic is so important. So, without further ado, here are some basics to get us started.

  1. Don’t have any idea what feminism is, or why it’s important? Do you cringe whenever you hear the word? Feminism 101 is a excellent compilation of explanations and answers!
  2. Still not convinced that feminism is relevant to college students? What if a female professor started breastfeeding in class? Adrienne Pine, professor at American University, did just that when she had to bring her feverish baby to work, and it became quite an “incident!”
  3. Speaking of incidents, here’s a first-hand account of how misogynistic expectations come into play more often than you’d think. If you were reading alone on the subway and this happened to you, how would you react?
  4. Touching on the wider implications of feminist issues, FemInspire examines the glaring gender inequality in news media and reporting. Especially with so many matters of reproductive rights and gender equality at stake in the upcoming election, the lack of female commentary is rather troubling.
  5. And finally, you may have already seen the popular Feminist Ryan Gosling meme, so here’s Feminist Barack Obama. The cherry on top? These are actual quotes.

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